Owing to its multi-year experience ProService Finteco has developed competences for provision of comprehensive services to Insurance Companies. Our proven operating processes are applied for group and individual products thus meeting the requirements of our customers in the broadest possible range. Our services comprise:

  • Support for insurance agreements (registration of joining the agreement, control of agreement correctness),
  • Support for insurance events (acceptances of events by telephone, preliminary verification of reasons for insurance compensation disbursement),
  • Maintenance of a register of the Insured during a subscription period,
  • Acceptance of orders from a distributor during a subscription period,
  • Settlements of transactions related to executed payments of premiums by the Insured,
  • Explanation of incomplete payments and instructions,
  • Maintenance of analytical orders of the Insured (for both individual and group products), creation of collective orders from them and placement of collective orders,
  • Services of a sub-agent in the process of developing collective orders and submission of collective orders,
  • Support for insurance policies with the Insurance Capital Fund (UFK) investing units of investment funds ,
  • Communication with the Insured (reminders, confirmations of inclusion in the insurance coverage),
  • Support for group insurance policies,
  • Settlements of insurance premiums (registration of premiums, control of arrears),
  • Reporting,
  • Reporting to the General Ledger.

By providing comprehensive services to Insurance Companies PS Finteco also offers its support in terms of accounting for insurance funds. Long-term experience warrants provision of professional services that include:

  • Maintenance of books of account for funds, including posting of events involving funds’ assets,
  • Preparation of transactional documents for valuation – completion and verification,
  • Submission of buy/sell orders for units of individual funds,
  • Registers’ opening in new funds,
  • Daily introduction of prices for funds,
  • Preparation of financial statements,
  • Co-operation during a project and Solvency II reporting.

ProService Finteco offers efficient operational processes and dynamically supports fund management companies in their post-sales activities. We understand that good relationships with investors and access to full and quick information about products are essential for our clients. Thus, we offer professional solutions focused on communication with investors and we support building of a good relationship with them.

  • Call Centre – We provide our clients with a professional call centre services, dedicated both to investors and distributors. Our operators, answering the phone calls incoming through telephone lines dedicated to each ProService clients, are periodically trained to provide investors and potential investors with accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Automated dissemination of information – Investor Services also provide investors with a means for non-operator mechanisms for the dissemination of information on investor’s account balance, status of transactions, fund pricing etc. These mechanisms enable 24-hours access to investor’s data via phone [IVR] or internet site, and also might be used as a means of fund distribution.
  • Customised mailing – PS Finteco is fully equipped to provide services of automatic correspondence mailing. We are ready to print and dispatch to investors periodical statements, promoting materials and any other mailings that are required by our clients.
    Our applications supporting the mailing of investor’s statements allow for customisation of materials that is tailored to clients’ needs.
  • Complaint settlement – Our offer includes services dedicated to solving of any issues raised by investors as complaints, inquiries and clarifications. Complaint settlement process is performed in accordance with detailed procedures agreed with fund management companies to provide the service on the highest possible level.