As an entity providing professional services of a Transfer agent, ProService Finteco has been offering an Individual Retirement Account product since the time of its arrival, or from 2004. The product is supported by both the main operating system of PS Finteco, and Goniec OnLine Light, which is a sales supporting system. We offer flexible solutions adjusted to requirements of our customers, thus allowing them to create and sale customised IKE products.

Goniec OnLine Light computer system allows exercising control of an annual limit of contributions set in the regulation, control of an amount of contributions at the end of a savings period for IKE, together with control of regularity of contributions over individual years of the term of the IKE Agreement.

Apart from contributions and transfer payments the system offers support of transactions permitted under the act of law, including statements on disbursements, statements on transfer disbursement, statements on reimbursement/partial reimbursements, and kick-backs.

ProService Finteco has implemented systemic and organisational solutions offering support for Regular Saving Schemes, including also Employees’ Regular Saving Schemes.

A mode of operation of a given Regular Saving Scheme (PSO) is determined with the Management Company using proposals of Agreements, and the Rules of PSO for that purpose. Any arrangements as to the form of support are written down in the form of a product parameterisation card. The product parameterisation card contains a set of parameters controlling the manner in which PSO is supported.

ProService Finteco has extensive experience in pension products for opening agreements IKE IKZE and PSO in one program.

As part of the PE, saving indicates components of the PE is required to indicate the conclusion of the Agreement, at least two components PE. The element is mandatory product PSO. In addition, the Participant is required to indicate one of the elements, ie. IKE or IKZE.

Under the Agreement PE participant may indicate different types of allocation to an accuracy of 1%:

  • allocation by age of participant,
  • The allocation of the individual,
  • The allocation of fixed.

ProService Finteco currently provides support to over 180 Employee Pension Programs guaranteeing a broad range of parameters and functionalities also with respect to a commission policy (multi-layer fees and commission discounts), thus allowing servicing complex and unique products prepared according to the needs of a Management Company and Employers.

A functionality allows maintaining Employee Pension Programs by accumulating funds of a Participant that are allocated for disbursement from the following registers:

–     basic,
–     additional.

Major benefits offered by Employee Pension Programs include exemption from capital gains tax for income obtained under the scheme and no tax income charge imposed on future disbursements during a retirement age.

  • Control of minimum contributions to Employee Pension Programs,
  • Control of a permitted number of changes in allocation of contributions and investments,
  • Control of a schedule of investment allocation during the term of a scheme,
  • Control of a fee table for contributions, redemptions (transfer disbursement), and conversions (allocation change) under Employee Pension Programs.
  • Control of minimum contributions to Employee Pension Programs at the level of the basic and additional register,
  • Control of the permitted number of changes in contribution allocations (change of the percentage) and changes in allocation of investments,
  • Control of a schedule of investment allocation during a term of the scheme – there is a possibility of selecting standard allocation and allocation by age,
  • Control of a fee table for contributions, redemptions (transfer disbursement), and conversions (allocation change) under an Employee Pension Programs.

Development of functionalities dedicated to closed-end investment funds will allow implementing a solution that provides individual investors with an opportunity to use a product that offers a cyclical disbursement of profits. Currently, the system of ProService Finteco allows supporting products with a functionality of cyclical disbursement of dividends in an automatic manner. The way of how disbursements are executed takes into account the following activities:

  • Transfer of dividends to a redemption account,
  • Generation of reports with values of dividends for Participants,
  • Allocation of the dividend amount,
  • Generation of a collective summary of transfers,
  • Collection of taxes,
  • Disbursement of dividends into a Participant’s account.