Software development

20 years of  experience on financial market allows ProService Finteco to offer modern and flexible IT solutions – plug and play type or created as a tailor-made systems. We have an experienced team of analysts and developers working in Java technologies, PHP and .NET, mobile.

The process of software development is mainly based on classic methodologies (Prince, PMI) but depending on the project, we introduce elements of agile methodologies  (Agile Scrum). System  implementation is performed by the usag of leading tools to support development and testing period  (such as continuous integration, code review, automatic tests). Knowledge of financial industry products also by our analysts and testers team is our asset . As a part of  upskilling and response to market demand, we cooperate with Polish leading software houses  (including Exorgio, Primaris, eo Networks).

We have a highly scalable core system for supporting financial products such as open Investment Funds, closed–end Investment Funds and insurance products, and specialized front-end application for the process of selling those products.

For us and our Clients,  safety and stability of IT solutions is a key element for services delivery. Due to this aspect the process of software development is performed in accordance to the best market practices within Compliance IT.

From 20 years ProService Finteco has provided B2B applications to distribution networks, that support investment funds sale. Applications of Goniec group are based on the best solutions used in previous versions of application, which were developed form the beginning of Investment Fund market in Poland.

Goniec is an on-line, web application, working also on mobile devices, prepared for placing orders and instructions by investors at the sales point. The whole process of sale doesn’t take more than 2 minutes. Application is used by more than 1900 distribution points in Poland.

What makes application unique on the market:

  • Architecture based on SOA rules, physical separation of user interface from business logic
  • User interface created on the MVC model
  • Centralized data base allowing quick, controlled and safe access to data
  • Possibility of creation in the same environment interface for B2B and B2C, enabling mobile contact between the agent and the client as well as remote after–sales services.

The existing data warehouse based on Oracle Discoverer technology has been replaced by modern reporting platform-Business Intelligence solution based on Microsoft Reporting Services.  Both data warehouses were designed and implemented by PS Finteco. ProCompliance solution is based on data from the main transaction system and consists from  4 modules:

1.    Reporting Platform
2.    Reporting Platform +
3.    FATCA Module
4.    AML Module

ProCompliance allows to load data from different data sets, including data bases not maintained by ProService AT. Modern data warehouse is a tool for viewing and generating reports and a tool that supports the process of AML and FATCA.

E-impuls application is the PS Finteco solution supporting running Pension Schemes and Saving Plans for HR departments on Employer side.

E–impuls is a web application, that allows to place declarations and statements as well as data changes  directly by an employee on –line . Using application makes the process of communication and handling employees issues  easier and quicker which is directly connected with HR departments satisfaction.

Based on broad experience in building applications supporting  investment products sales, PS Finteco prepared a highly parametrizable internet transaction system B2C type, with the ability to customize the look and content to the Client specific requirements .

The internet platform allows 24h access to Investor`s  funds and the possibility of placing orders and instructions. PS Finteco created new standards in the area of internet investors service, making  mobile payments available and giving the possibility of units subscription, without a visit in the distribution point.

As  first on the market, we have prepared the mobile version of transaction system for our Clients.

The B2C platform in individual layout is implemented  by 22 of our Clients from which 4 are highly personalized – where part is written in the RWD technique.

PS Finteco offers a comprehensive service of Key Information for Investor document required by European Directive 2009/65/WE and the EU Commission Regulation records No. 583/2010 from 1 July 2012.

Key Information for Investor (KII) is a document that  replaced simplified prospectus and it passes key information about the funds to investor, which allows to make proper investment decision, in particular on the level of investment risk, fees taken by the fund and its investment strategy. The KII preparation is the obligation of the fund, and if fund has subfunds, the KII document must be prepared for each of them individually, including individual share classes.

Our service includes the calculation of relevant indicators, monitoring and updating of the KII document. Whole process of KII preparation and distribution is based on our solution KIIDService application.