IT solutions for the banking sector

IT solutions for the banking sector

Many years of experience working with companies in the banking sector have allowed us to develop an offer of dedicated IT solutions addressed to this sector.

By using them, our customers and business partners achieve accelerated growth, automation and significant improvements in operational efficacy. Our IT tools are a guarantee of top quality, safety and compliance with all the relevant norms.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), imposing on institutions new obligations related to personal data processing, came into force on 25 May 2018.

The system is to support compliance with the obligations resulting from the regulation, constitutes a central GDPR Repository and supports the organisation in managing and handling of business processes related to GDPR.  The system is designed in modules – it is possible to implement only those functionalities that are required in the organisation, for instance:

  • a dashboard with configurable information panels,
  • a GDPR repository – a set of registers supporting collecting, searching, viewing and accessing information in compliance with rights, e.g.
    • Register of Processing Activities
    • Register of Processing Activity Categories
    • Register of Incidents / Breaches of Personal Data Protection
    • DPiA Register
    • Register: Privacy by Design / Privacy by Default
    • Register of Cases
    • Register of IT systems
    • Register of Clauses
  • automatic handling of GDPR requests concerning rights of people
  • full handling of security incidents / breaches
  • handling of the process determining DPiA assessments
  • handling of verification processes of Privacy by design / Privacy by default
  • Central Personal Data Retention System covering:
    • Central Personal Base
    • Central Processing Base Register / Central Register of Consents
    • Document Repository is used by multiple companies in various sectors.  The system is used, among others, by financial institutions, including banks, insurance companies, media (a group of 19 companies), retail networks (brick-and-mortar shops and on-line sales), etc. The system is designed both for small organisations and large entities or even groups of companies from various sectors – it will perform well wherever there are large resources of personal data.

CasePro Kredyty

The CasePro Kredyty system is a solution for automation of a Bank’s lending processes. The solution is based on a uniform lending model taking into account the multi-step, complex authority structure related to the processing of loan applications both for individual and institutional customers, the rules for monitoring of borrowers and communication with external systems, i.e. the central system, the Credit Reference Agency (BIK), the Economic Information Bureau (KRD) and the databases of the Polish Bank Association: the Banking Register (BR), Reported Documents (DZ), data warehouse.

The solution has been based on an advanced application platform, combining the functionality of Business Process Management (BPM) workflow solutions with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. The platform allows its users to create and change business software using ready-made and previously tested components. The Graphical Modeller allows you to define fully the functionality of applications without the need for programming. The Modeller Module makes it possible to adjust easily the previously automated process to current business needs, to define new processes, to update processes on an ongoing basis without interrupting the system operation and to monitor the progress. Importantly, the Modeller can be used by persons with analytical knowledge, without the need of involving IT staff.

CasePro platform – example functions:

  • sale of loans – loan workflow,
  • loan administration, generation of documents,
  • credit risk assessment – rating / scoring, decisioning strategies,
  • front-end – responsive user interface, mobile interface,
  • customer folder – 360° view, customer data integration, ratio analysis,
  • monitoring of customers, borrowers, leaseholders, loan repayments, covenants,
  • Ccommunication with databases – BIK, DZ, BR, KRD, BIG and external systems,
  • analysis and assessment of information sourced from external systems,
  • middleware – system integration, communication between systems,
  • subsidised (state) loan servicing.

Benefits of the solution:

  • reduction of costs through work automation,
  • reduction of risk thanks to uniform rules for document processing,
  • efficient information flow within the organisation,
  • complete control over and monitoring of every step of the process,
  • safety achieved though the latest technologies,
  • easy and convenient access to the system via a web browser.

Test automation

Our customers who develop and implement advanced, cutting-edge IT systems in their organizations can take advantage of our innovative solution for automation of tests that need to be carried out before an application is put to use. The traditional testing methods are time-consuming and require the involvement of many employees; they also carry the risk of error resulting from, for example, operator fatigue. Our solution expedites the testing processes significantly, ensuring regularity, consistency and reliability.

Our offer includes advanced hardware and software infrastructure which makes it possible for users to test mobile applications automatically by using them on actual equipment. Thanks to this solution, the quality of testing is much higher and it is much easier to detect issues than it was when applications were run on software emulators. This also allows the process to be managed centrally and conducted on a continuous basis (24/7), as well as in the ad-hoc mode, for example when it is necessary to make a hotfix.

The test automation solution minimizes risk, accelerates testing processes, reduces costs and allows for greater flexibility, catering to user preferences.

Scoring/Rating – Decision Engine

The Decision Engine is a tool for automatic expert decision-making based on pre-defined algorithms. The solution complements the functionality of the workflow/decisioning processes and supports analysts in data analysis and decision-making.

The solution finds numerous applications, including in:

  • credit risk assessment,
  • customer credibility assessment,
  • scoring, rating, behavioural scoring,
  • identification of credit worthiness,
  • data analysis and assessment (transactional data, data sourced from economic information bureaus),
  • detection of fraud and abuse,
  • prevention customer loss.

The decision-making algorithms parametrized in the Decision Engine have the following applications:

  • decision recommendations,
  • automatic decisions,
  • sale of products and services,
  • monitoring of customers, liabilities, production lines,
  • debt recovery,
  • central decision-making.

Benefits of the solution:

  • significant acceleration of the analysis and application review process,
  • greater consistency and regularity of decisions,
  • easier management and control of loan applications,
  • reduction of abuses,
  • greater freedom from human error.

Document management

The CasePro platform-based solution for document management is an advanced IT system for administering the flow of internal and external documentation. The software improves the management and processing of official letters, correspondence, memos, applications, invoices, orders, etc., allowing you to supervise the company matters, i.e. their timeliness and progress.

Benefits of the solution:

  • better management of incoming and outgoing documents, as well as document flow within the organization,
  • standardization of generated documents,
  • standardization of case handling procedures,
  • employee workflow and information flow management,
  • organizing knowledge about the procedures in progress,
  • better and faster customer service,
  • data safety and compliance with the relevant regulations.

Monitoring / Early Warning System

Credit Exposure Monitoring system is an IT solution designed to organize and automate the processes related to cyclical activities undertaken to monitor the financial standing of customers, borrowers and leaseholders. Moreover, the system makes it possible to verify the timeliness of loan repayments, observance of covenants and to automatically obtain and analyse data from external sources, e.g. economic information bureaus.

An example of a monitoring process in banking would be the identification of the current risk group for a monitored borrower on the basis of appropriate customer assessment algorithms and other collected customer information. The process enables periodical monitoring of SMEs and large companies.

The Early Warning System for Lease would be another example of the system’s application. It is used for continuous monitoring of the financial standing of leaseholders, for classifying them into risk groups and – in the event their situation deteriorates – for initiating promptly adequate preventive, remedial or recovery actions.

Subsidised (State) Loan Servicing

SI-OKP is an IT system designed for the banking sector to support the servicing of state and investment loans subsidised by the Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture (ARiMR). The system ensures correct preparation of obligatory reports. The solution will noticeably help the Bank to obtain ARiMR subsidies to cover some of the interest costs related to loans extended to customers.

Using this system reduces costs by eliminating the intermediate stages in preparing information for ARiMR. The system enhances the adequacy of data submitted to ARiMR and allows its users to manage loan information in a comprehensive manner.

Communication with BIK

The SI-BIK system automates communications between the Bank and the Economic Information Bureau (BIK). It enables a two-way exchange of information on loan inquiries and reports, as well as the preparation, verification and submission of information. Thanks to the SI-BIK system, communication is efficient and compliant with the latest regulations and requirements. For many years now, our solutions have been used by numerous Polish banks, which is proof of the system’s reliability and efficiency.

ProService Finteco offers solutions supporting full automation of the customer identity verification process on-line in web and mobile applications.  Among others, the following steps are performed as part of the video verification process:

  • verification of ID documents,
  • a comparison of an image of a person and the photo in a document,
  • search in system resources for photos of persons to verify, if a specific photo is not present in another ID document,
  • confirmation of vitality of a person – verification a person’s face has been presented and not its photo.

The functionalities of the verification process are fully parameterised in compliance with the organisation’s needs.

CCPA & GDPR compliance solution

Personal data protection is our new reality in US, in Europe and in many countries across the globe. Why not be better prepared for the challenges posed by our organization by CCPA and GDPR? ProService Finteco has prepared CasePro privacy solution that can be used by medium and large companies.

The solution will meet the requirements of handling hundreds or thousands of data subject’s requests and allow you to control the status of the service:

CasePro privacy solution key features:

  • Compliant with CCPA and GDPR privacy law  empower your company to become compliant
  • Reduces business risk, improves the work of teams responsible for compliance with the law
  • Assess maturity of your organization – support your organization in assessing legal compliance
  • Consent management – helps you to obtain GDPR / CCPA compliant your customers consents and maintain consents rules
  • Automation – automates the intake and handling of requests of data subjects, implement of the data subjects rights
  • Personal Data Inventory – helps you to establish the base of the IT systems processing personal data, personal data protection policy record, personal data processing activities list,  information on the transfer of personal data, personal data sources, what is legal basis do you process data, sell it, transfer it
  • Handle incidents and data breaches in accordance with the law
  • Supports DPIA risk analysis, Privacy by Default process
  • Keep a record of your personal data processing activities.

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