Outsourcing and banking sector services

Outsourcing and banking sector services

Staying ahead of market changes resulting from the global technological development and transformation of the banking model, ProService Finteco has been systematically developing and expanding its offer. To meet the expectations of our Customers, in particular their needs arising from the increasing use of IT technologies and execution of complex, advanced projects, we have launched many new services. Our support is a guarantee of reliable execution of business processes, optimum use of resources and, as a result, significant financial savings.

Outsourcing of testing

Testing of IT systems before putting them into use is a crucial stage of every implementation process. Due to the large number of devices and telecommunication technologies on which they can be run, modern applications require a particularly meticulous and consistent testing. This poses a particular challenge when the need to remain competitive on the market entails short-notice delivery of systems.

We offer a handy solution in the form of testing outsourcing. Our qualified team of specialists are a guarantee that the complete testing process will be conducted methodically, reliably and without delays.

Our offer also includes advanced hardware and software infrastructure which makes it possible for users to test mobile applications automatically by using them on actual equipment. Thanks to this solution, the quality of testing is much higher and it is much easier to detect issues than it was when applications were run on software emulators. This also allows the process to be managed centrally and conducted on a continuous basis (24/7), as well as in the ad-hoc mode, for example when it is necessary to make a hotfix.

The testing outsourcing service offered by ProService Finteco minimizes risk, accelerates testing processes, helps to keep costs at lower levels and allows for greater flexibility, catering to the Customer’s preferences.

IT project management

Due to their complexity, present-day IT undertakings require a great degree of specialization. In addition to recruiting a qualified staff of designers, developers, programmers and other specialists, organizations have to manage their funds, human resources and time efficiently. The launch of a project must be preceded by a detailed analysis of Customer needs and expectations, selection of an adequate technology, drafting and approval of a budget, and other activities which will ensure that the project will be executed on time and with top quality in mind.

The many years of experience in implementing our own projects as well as undertakings executed with our Customers, including financial sector organizations, have allowed us to build and develop a specialist team of experts ready to face the challenges of IT project management in the banking sector.

We work using the Agile, SAFe and Waterfall methodology. We execute projects in Poland and other EU states, as well as in the USA.

Banking system consulting

The character of the financial sector, in particular the banking sector, entails the highest degree of diligence and care when it comes to the quality of implemented systems. The requirement to ensure uninterrupted flow of critical processes, safety, confidentiality of data and compliance with the relevant regulations, must be combined with simplicity and user-friendliness. All implemented solutions must be adapted to the current technologies and enable development or flexible migration in the future.

Drawing on the many years of experience and expertise derived from implementation of projects in the banking sector, we have created a specialist team of experts who have the highest degree of competence and ensure the top level of all consulting services.

Programming services

Thanks to our multi-year experience in implementation of IT projects in the banking sector, we boast expert skills in application design, programming and implementation, as well as an in-depth knowledge of the banking sector. Our Customers can take advantage of services provided by highly-qualified programmers or even developer teams who work under the contract model.

We work using the Agile, SAFe and Waterfall methodology. We execute projects in Poland and other EU states, as well as in the USA. We have executed several hundred projects for our Customers and Business Partners, a significant portion of which was in the banking sector. Regardless of the type and scale of undertaking, we are able to offer the highest standard of execution, compatibility with the latest technologies and trends, as well as competitive pricing.

Human resources outsourcing

The financial sector, in particular the banking sector, calls for a very highly-qualified staff. This often causes problems, as it is difficult to find adequate employees to fill a position or to optimize the use of available human resources. Our company offers a solution – the outsourcing of human resources. The solution supports:

  • a task-based approach to problems,
  • smooth flow of business processes in an organization,
  • delegating tasks to employees with a high level of competence,
  • distribution of short-term and ad-hoc tasks,
  • optimization of resources allocated for remuneration purposes.

Our services allow Customers and Business Partners to focus on their activities and relieve them of the burden of recruiting and verifying the necessary personnel. They also make it possible to increase the flexibility of operations and translate into a tangible reduction of overall costs.

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