Recruitment process

#1 We attract your CV!
When publishing job offers, we describe the tasks you will be faced with in as much detail as possible. The ad will also tell you what perks you can expect. Since we really value your time, you will usually be invited to only one interview. Sometimes, our recruitment process may also require applicants to take a test or complete an extra task.

#2 Initial feedback
We keep in touch at every stage of the recruitment process. Did we choose another applicant this time around? We will let you know.

#3 Phone interview
Tell us about your experience. We want to get to know you and invite you for an interview.

#4 Job interview
We want to get to know you better. Shall we meet at our company? Let us tell you more about what we do and what challenges we have in store for you.

#5 Job offer
If the recruitment process goes well, we will get back to you to invite you to work with us :). You can enjoy all the staff benefits from the very first day.

#6 Thanks to all applicants
We are looking for the best employee, you are looking for your dream job. Didn’t make it this time? If you let us use your documents in the future, we might be able to invite you to another recruitment process.