Employee Capital Plans

Employee Capital Plans

Are you concerned how you should handle PPK?

We have a ready-made set of services and solutions providing full support to PPK. We act as the Transfer Agent keeping PPK registers, providing full handling of orders and reporting to PFSA and PDF. We deliver a whole set of software: a landing page for institutions offering PPK, a web platform for employers, an access application for employees and an application for distributors.

With us, you will have your PPK handled just like that!

ProService Finteco offers a full set of services and solutions to support PPK:

We act as the Transfer Agent performing the following activities:

  • keeping and maintaining an employer register
  • keeping and maintaining an employee register
  • control of premiums in compliance with the Act
  • defining and handling of allocations
  • handling of employees’ and employers’ orders
  • reporting to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (PFSA),
  • reporting to the Polish Development Fund (PDF),

Landing page for those offering PPK

  • information panel
  • automated support to the contract conclusion process by the employer offering PPK

Access application for employees (also a mobile version)

  • online view of PPK assets
  • view of employees’ investment products held in the funds managed by those who offer PPK
  • possibility to complete data and to make PPK-related instructions and statements
  • possibility to file complaints

PPK Serwis – a web platform for employers

  • information panel
  • an option to insert PPK agreements by employees or employers
  • an option to report employees
  • handling of premiums
  • handling of enquiries and instructions of employees
  • generation of documents and reports for employers and employees
  • fully electronic communication concerning the list of employees, premiums, and after-sale services
  • integration with HR and payroll systems

Application for distributors

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