IT solutions for the insurance sector

IT solutions for the insurance sector

Our extensive knowledge based on long-standing experience in the provision of services to the insurance sector have allowed us to develop a set of advanced IT tools dedicated to this sector. These tools facilitate and expedite our Customers’ business processes, ensuring the highest quality and full compliance with the current regulations.


The FlexiBlocks platform was designed as a multi-module system supporting the sale of financial products, including insurance products with the most complex contract servicing processes. Built from scratch according to the best market practices, the set of modules is constantly developed and extended to accommodate new functionalities. Presently available modules allow full servicing of financial products, including:

  • offer development (calculation of premium schedules),
  • comparison of offers from different partners,
  • presentation of a selected offer,
  • acceptance of an application,
  • conclusion of a contract (issue of documents),
  • after-sales services (preparing annexes, handling customer matters in CRM),
  • payment processing (payment orders, MassCollect sub-accounts services, collection from mBank customers’ accounts by payment order).

The solution can be integrated with banking systems and systems of partners, including leasing companies and insurance companies. Business processes can be modelled based on the WorkFlow module.

The platform meets the highest (third) level requirements for safety of personal data processing systems (as specified in the Regulation of the Minister of the Interior and Administration). The system was developed based on the three-tier client-server architecture using the .NET technology.

The architecture offers high availability, fault tolerance (each element of the system is redundant) and scalability (increasing the throughput by adding multiple web servers). The system can operate both on physical and virtual servers. The modular design of the system and the code implementation based on model framework ensure that the system can be adapted to the ever-changing market situation with minimum effort. The infrastructure used makes it possible to increase the capacity of the solution, both in terms of operational volume and functionality, without incurring significant costs for further investments.


The e-insurance application comprises a complex, fully-scalable web-based platform for business process servicing in the area of group life insurance. Thanks to the platform, you can execute processes related to:

  • product parametrization,
  • definition of sales networks,
  • policy sales,
  • servicing of concluded contracts,
  • settlement and posting of premiums,
  • calculation and settlement of commission,
  • generating and dispatch of correspondence.

As part of the application, we ensure full reporting to the general ledger and other required management or operational reports.

By implementing the complex e-insurance solution, users are able to optimize their business processes and reduce contract servicing costs.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), imposing on institutions new obligations related to personal data processing, came into force on 25 May 2018.

The system is to support compliance with the obligations resulting from the regulation, constitutes a central GDPR Repository and supports the organisation in managing and handling of business processes related to GDPR.  The system is designed in modules – it is possible to implement only those functionalities that are required in the organisation, for instance:

  • a dashboard with configurable information panels,
  • a GDPR repository – a set of registers supporting collecting, searching, viewing and accessing information in compliance with rights, e.g.
    • Register of Processing Activities
    • Register of Processing Activity Categories
    • Register of Incidents / Breaches of Personal Data Protection
    • DPiA Register
    • Register: Privacy by Design / Privacy by Default
    • Register of Cases
    • Register of IT systems
    • Register of Clauses
  • automatic handling of GDPR requests concerning rights of people
  • full handling of security incidents / breaches
  • handling of the process determining DPiA assessments
  • handling of verification processes of Privacy by design / Privacy by default
  • Central Personal Data Retention System covering:
    • Central Personal Base
    • Central Processing Base Register / Central Register of Consents
    • Document Repository is used by multiple companies in various sectors.  The system is used, among others, by financial institutions, including banks, insurance companies, media (a group of 19 companies), retail networks (brick-and-mortar shops and on-line sales), etc. The system is designed both for small organisations and large entities or even groups of companies from various sectors – it will perform well wherever there are large resources of personal data.

Broker UFG

Broker UFG is a module-based system supporting data import/export and inquiry processes to the Insurance Guarantee Fund (UFG), compatible with the latest version of UFG services, i.e. Correction 2.0 and ZPP 4.1, developed for future use in the integration of the Insurance Database (BDU) and Central Database of Drivers and Vehicles (CEPiK) systems. The system may be integrated with other production systems of insurance companies using direct data feed or data imported from external sources, e.g. files xls, csv, xml.

As part of the Broker UFG service, we offer a comprehensive analysis of current business processes and the customer’s IT solutions supporting them. We conduct an in-depth audit of processes supporting data import and sending of inquiries to UFG, detecting sources of problems and developing recommendations for process and business improvements. We offer an end-to-end implementation of the modular system, supporting the preparation of data for export and interpretation of databases along with full automation of communication with UFG.

We boast a large team of experienced analysts and subject experts (including former staff of the Information Centre of the Insurance Guarantee Fund responsible for the design and development of all USG services and mechanisms), offering complete analytical support to meet the requirements of our Customers.

The benefits of the Broker UFG system include:

  • minimization of servicing costs in relation to all UFG processes,
  • improvement of data quality,
  • improvement of quality indicators,
  • full automation of processes supporting exchange of data with UFG,
  • unambiguous interpretation of data sourced from UFG,
  • use of the latest versions of services and processes,
  • ensuring compatibility and consistency with the new systems and processes planned to be implemented by UFG (incl. BDU, CEPiK 2.0).


Prism is a complex solution supporting processes related to the development and management of commission and incentive systems dedicated to insurance companies, banks, distributors of financial products and other organisations with extensive sales networks.

The Prism system allows you to:

  • model and upload sales structures,
  • model commission parametres,
  • create commission exceptions,
  • calculate and settle commission,
  • model sales contests,
  • model and evaluate sales results,
  • issue invoices,
  • generate payment orders,
  • generate reports.

CBK – Central Customer Database

Central Customer Database collects information on all customers/individuals whose data are collected and processed in an organisation, offering the possibility of data reconciliation, deduplication and automatic retention.

CBK functionalities:

  • data retention
  • search for records of an individual in different Databases,
  • creating the so-called master record for a person.

The master record allows you to compare data stored in different source systems and detect personal data variations in those IT systems. This functionality makes it possible to identify data inconsistencies and errors and to request their correction. It provides access to standardized and deduplicated customer data,

  • pre-processing, including:
    • deletion of unwanted characters
    • correction of data based on dictionary entries
    • splitting address data into separate fields (street, house number, flat number, town/city, etc.) if the source database includes aggregated data; address standardization
    • deciphering acronyms and abbreviations
    • completing missing fields if they can be deduced from other fields
    • standardization and tokenization of selected fields (e.g. dictionary standardization)
    • classification (calculating the similarity between records)
    • automatic consolidation or manual decision – parametrization helps to determine the degree of similarity to match records automatically,
  • the system features automatic data deduplication for:
    • batch database inputs
    • online database inputs.


In connection with their obligation to submit reports to the General Inspector of Financial Information, institutions have to undertake many additional control activities. Based on market analysis and in view of the needs reported by Customers, ProService Finteco has developed a modern and efficient tool facilitating the AML/KYC analysis.

The application’s basic functionalities ensure ongoing daily analysis, maintenance of the GIIF register and monitoring of customer risk, including the tracking of black lists and a PEP list. The application is distinguished by a parameterizable module for a fuzzy logic analysis.

The application allows uploading commercial black lists and creating the institution’s own lists, developing schemes for ongoing analysis and triggering alerts in the event of occurrence of a material event. The so-called “waiting room” is a novelty facilitating the process of analysing suspicious transactions and forwarding user-verified transactions to the GIIF register.


Hi!BOT is a flexible application for the creation of parametrized chatbots using the Facebook Messenger platform, a “natural” communication channel for smartphone users. From the user’s perspective, conversations conducted via the application convincingly simulate discussions with another human user of Messenger.

Hi!BOT can:

  • suggest and persuade a user to undertake an interaction,
  • automate business processes,
  • enhance and improve communication with customers,
  • create automatic surveys.


The Robotic Process Automation solution replaces the human agent in the execution of daily IT processes. Robotic process automation is an answer to the ongoing transfer of companies’ operational activities into the digital realm.

In the modern world, long-standing process optimization and simplification are not enough to ensure a company’s market competitiveness – it has become necessary to support employees in their daily activities by using automated, scalable and controlled methods.

Robotic automation can be implemented for processes which:

  • are conducted routinely and are well-defined,
  • can be described in terms of sequences executed via IT systems,
  • rely on digitized data.

The innovative Robotic Process Automation allows you to:

  • improve your process management,
  • improve the mitigation of operational risk (file management, elimination of human errors, better process control and stability),
  • save money thanks to the use of a scalable platform that can execute any number of processes 24/7.

CasePro – document management system

CasePro document management system is a solution automating the handling of business processes, including purchase requisitions, orders, invoices or leave requests.

CasePro is an advanced application platform, combining the functionality of Business Process Management (BPM) workflow solutions with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. It allows process owners to adapt processes to current business needs, define new processes, update them on an ongoing basis without any interruptions and to monitor the progress of cases. Upon completion of a process, assigned documents are transferred to the ERP system integrated with CasePro.

CasePro applications:


  • invoices
  • orders
  • requests
  • delegations


  • complaints
  • service requests
  • permits
  • opinions

Benefits of the solution:

  • reduction of costs through work automation,
  • reduction of risk thanks to uniform rules for document processing,
  • efficient information flow within the organisation,
  • complete control over and monitoring of every step of the process,
  • safety achieved though the latest technologies,
  • easy and convenient access to the system via a web browser,
  • compatibility with external systems, embedded data exchange mechanisms.

Asset Valuation System

The Asset Valuation System (AVS) with an easy Financial Reporting (eFR) module is a comprehensive solution for investment, pension and insurance fund asset valuation and reporting for Investment Fund Companies, General Pension Companies, Insurance Companies, Depositaries and Asset Management Companies.

The system has been developed for several years now and has received awards from Microsoft and Gazeta Bankowa. Its efficiency has been verified by the market and confirmed by numerous recommendations from sector leaders.

Thanks to the extensive parametrization, the solution supports all permitted financial instruments and classes of assets and liabilities. It enables the use and free parametrization of multiple systems of accounts and booking schemes. It also controls the statutory and internal limits.

Understanding and valuing our Customers’ time, we have designed effective migration procedures to support the implementation. The system is user-friendly and flexible in adapting itself to specific organisational requirements.

AVS is fully compliant with the law, requirements of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and auditors’ recommendations. Our solution supports several hundred investment and pension funds, insurance capital funds and Asset Management Company portfolios.

The benefits of AVS include:

  • reducing the servicing time and increasing the efficiency of the valuation and result disclosure processes,
  • increasing the efficiency of operations, ensuring data uniformity and boosting the effectiveness of the valuation team,
  • comprehensive auditability of data in the system, based on bookkeeping entries and source documents,
  • maintenance of a transaction register in accordance with the MiFID directive,
  • monitoring of investment limits for supervision purposes to ensure compliance with statutory, regulatory and internal limits,
  • disclosures – automatic creation and submission of reports generated by the system to the relevant addressees,
  • an extensive set of parametres enabling the solution to be adapted to the individual needs of an organisation,
  • comprehensive services for the Polish market, support from experienced consultants, continuous development of the system,
  • advanced technology, user-friendly environment, security.

ProService Finteco offers solutions supporting full automation of the customer identity verification process on-line in web and mobile applications.  Among others, the following steps are performed as part of the video verification process:

  • verification of ID documents,
  • a comparison of an image of a person and the photo in a document,
  • search in system resources for photos of persons to verify, if a specific photo is not present in another ID document,
  • confirmation of vitality of a person – verification a person’s face has been presented and not its photo.

The functionalities of the verification process are fully parameterised in compliance with the organisation’s needs.

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