Transfer agent for the Insurance Sector

Transfer agent for the Insurance Sector

Our company offers comprehensive business solutions, including registration and control of contracts, claim handling, maintenance of the Policyholder Register or exchanging correspondence with Policyholders. All our services are compliant with the relevant laws and are provided with due care and skill ensuring smooth flow of business processes and Customer satisfaction.

Insurance Services Platform

Our system solutions for insurance product support guarantee comprehensive, scalable and parametrized services. The Platform supports a full range of functionalities, including:

  • maintaining a policyholder register,
  • bookkeeping and premium settlement processes,
  • receipt and execution of contract amendments,
  • handling of cancellations and withdrawals,
  • contract renewals and continuations,
  • integrated and automatic processing of incoming and outgoing correspondence.

The platform also supports sale processes related to the registration, processing and settlement of sales.

We also ensure full reporting to the general ledger and other required management or operational reports.

The Platform offers a fully-scalable service of business process optimization and helps to reduce costs connected with the handling of contracts.

Call Center

Our Customers in the insurance sector are invited to take advantage of a fully-professional Call Center providing comprehensive services both to Customers and to insurance sales networks. The range of services provided through a dedicated phone line is determined based on the specific expectations of Insurance Companies. Our team comprises consultants who – with their positive attitude, in-depth knowledge, skill and competence – ensure that all customer services are delivered in a comprehensive and professional manner.


As part of our automated bulk mailing service, we deliver optimized processes for preparing, executing, dispatching and customizing of bulk correspondence for our partners. The processes are supported by world-class equipment dedicated to the handling of bulk correspondence while our systems facilitate and expedite this task, allowing us to personalize dispatched documents in accordance with expectations of our business partners.

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