IT solutions for the investment sector

IT solutions for the investment sector

Having many years of experience in providing services to the investment sector, we are aware that the adequate functioning and delivery of world-class services is made possible not only by the extensive knowledge and expertise of our staff, but also by the use of advanced IT solutions supporting and expediting all processes related to financial management. Our Customers are welcome to take advantage of the dedicated advanced IT tools tailored to their needs and requirements and compliant with the applicable Polish regulations.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), imposing new obligations on institutions related to personal data processing, came into force on 25 May 2018. The solution has been designed to help institutions perform their obligations resulting from GDPR. The solution is a register of all personal data sets and processing activities undertaken by an organisation and supports the organisation in handling access rights requests and managing business processes related to GDPR.

Our Customers may take advantage of the following modules in the application:

  • Register of Personal Data Sets,
  • Register of Processing Activities,
  • Register of Data Retention Rules,
  • Register of Clauses concerning personal data processing,
  • Register of Consents for personal data processing,
  • Register of IT Systems,
  • Register of Authorizations,
  • Handling of security incidents,
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) and events related to it,
  • Privacy by design, Privacy by default,
  • Access rights requests,
  • Retention handling,
  • Central Database of Persons, containing copies of all personal data stored in all data sets or integrated with a central database of institutions and persons (depending on policy applicable in a given organisation),
  • Integration with domain systems module.

Asset Valuation System

The Asset Valuation System (AVS) with an easy Financial Reporting (eFR) module is a comprehensive solution for investment, pension and insurance funds asset valuation and reporting for Investment Fund Companies, General Pension Companies, Insurance Companies, Depositaries and Asset Management Companies.

The system has been developed for several years now and has received awards from Microsoft and Gazeta Bankowa. Its efficiency has been verified by the market and confirmed by numerous recommendations from sector leaders.

Thanks to the extensive parametrization, the solution supports all permitted financial instruments and classes of assets and liabilities. It enables the use and free parametrization of multiple systems of accounts and booking schemes. It also controls the statutory and internal limits.

Understanding and valuing our Customers’ time, we have designed effective migration procedures to support the implementation. The system is user-friendly and flexible in adapting itself to specific organisational requirements.

AVS is fully compliant with the law, requirements of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and auditors’ recommendations. Our solution supports several hundred investment and pension funds, insurance capital funds and Asset Management Company portfolios.

The benefits of AVS include:

  • reducing the servicing time and increasing the efficiency of the valuation and result disclosure processes,
  • increasing the efficiency of operations, ensuring data uniformity and boosting the effectiveness of the valuation team,
  • comprehensive auditability of data in the system, based on bookkeeping entries and source documents,
  • maintenance of a transaction register in accordance with the MIFID directive,
  • monitoring of investment limits for supervision purposes to ensure compliance with statutory, regulatory and internal limits,
  • disclosures – automatic creation and submission of reports generated by the system to the relevant addressees,
  • an extensive set of parametres enabling the solution to be adapted to the individual needs of an organisation,
  • comprehensive services for the Polish market, support from experienced consultants, continuous development of the system,
  • advanced technology, user-friendly environment, security.


In connection with their obligation to submit reports to the General Inspector of Financial Information, institutions have to undertake many additional control activities. Based on market analysis and in view of the needs reported by Customers, ProService Finteco has developed a modern and efficient tool facilitating the AML/KYC analysis.

Basic functionalities of the application ensure ongoing daily analysis, maintenance of the GIIF register and monitoring of customer risk, including the tracking of black lists and a PEP list. The application is distinguished by a parameterizable module for a fuzzy logic analysis.

The application allows uploading commercial black lists and creating institutions’ own lists, developing schemes for ongoing analysis and triggering alerts in the event of occurrence of a material event. The so-called “waiting room” is a novelty facilitating the process of analysing suspicious transactions and forwarding user-verified transactions to the GIIF register.


To support the distribution of units and processing of the certificates, ProService Finteco provides B2C access to information and transactions. The system is available both as a ready-made personalized product, and as a fully-dedicated service built and customized in line with the Customer’s requirements, based on pre-defined transaction and information exchange components provided by ProService Finteco.

Goniec OnLine

Goniec OnLine light is a modern and light customer service application for distributors. The application features transaction- and information-related functionalities and can be used to support the sales and processing of Open-End Investment Funds and Specialist Open-End Investment Funds, as well as products available on the investment market, including Individual Pension Accounts, Individual Pension Security Accounts and Regular Saving Schemes.

Goniec Online FIZ version of the solution allows distributors to provide customer services related to subscription of Closed-End Investment Fund certificates and certificate management.


ProCompliance is a Business Intelligence solution based on Microsoft Reporting Services, comprising a multi-functional data warehouse. ProCompliance allows its users to upload data from various data collections.

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