Central Customer Database

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The Central Customer Database system collects information about all clients / people whose data is collected and processed in a given organization with the possibility of reconciliation, deduplication and automatic retention.

CCD functionality:

  • data storage
  • searching for records from different Data Sets corresponding to the same person
  • creating so-called golden (reference) record for a person.

The reference record allows comparison of data stored in individual source systems and indication of differences in the same person’s data in different IT systems. This functionality makes it possible to detect inconsistencies and errors in data and to infer their improvement. Allows standardized and deduplicated customer data.

  • Preprocessing, including:
    • Removal of unwanted characters
    • Correction of data using dictionaries
    • Segmentation of the address into individual fields (street, house number, apartment, city, etc.) if the source database stores data in an aggregated form and normalization of the address
    • Developing word abbreviations
    • Filling in the missing fields if they can be deduced from the other fields
    • Standardization and tokenization of selected fields (e.g. shared dictionaries)
    • Classification (calculation of the similarity of records)
    • Automatic consolidation or manual decision – by means of parameterization it is possible to determine what level of similarity will automatically bind records
  • Automatic data deduplication mechanisms are implemented in the system
    • with batch supplying the base
    • when supplying the database via online services

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