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To support the distribution of units and the processing of the certificates, ProService Finteco provides B2C access to information and transactions.

The latest version of the solution offers, among others..:

  • products handling of PSO, PPE, IKE, IKZE, PPK,
  • registration of new entrants directly online with remote verification of identity by means of:
    • Video verification of identity card and self,
    • or a verification transfer of 1 PLN,
  • the possibility of authorising orders by means of both text messages and an electronic token,
  • images/scans of a document,
  • a document with a QR or barcode can be printed if the participant’s signature and paper form are required,
  • application handling of the order baskets, also prepared by the customer caretaker on the distributor’s side in the Goniec OnLine application and sent on-line to the participant in the STI24,
  • interface in many languages (including English, Ukrainian),
  • a mobile application available for Android and IOS with functionality compatible with the www.


The system is available both as a ready-made customized product for the customer and the ability to build a fully dedicated service based on ready-made transactional and information exchange components provided by ProService Finteco.







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